Malcesine and surroundings

Lake Garda

Lake Garda, is the largest in Italy, with a surface of 370 square km and 160 km of circumference. It reaches its maximum depth of 365 meters in front of the Island of Trimelone, in the town of Brenzone, 5 km south of Malcesine.  Garda Lake is inhabited by more than 30 species of fishes, among which the “Carpione” – an exquisite salmonid that only lives and reproduces in these waters. Other kinds worth mentioning are the “trota”- trout, “luccio”- pike, “persico”- perch – and “agone”- lake shad. The widest point of the lake is south of Bardolino, where the opposite shores are 10 km away. The narrowest point is between Malcesine and Limone, 4 km wide.

Garda Lake is surrounded by a series of mountains and hills that create a spectacular natural scenery. Thanks to its geographical position, which makes it the most southern of the pre-alpine lakes, its shores are characterized by an exceptionally mild climate that favors the growth of a predominately Mediterranean vegetation such as palm trees, oleanders, lemon and olive trees.