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Sailing & Surfing on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is truly appreciated by sailing and water sport lovers for its excellent climatic and wind conditions, in addition to the wonderful environmental context. Experts and enthusiasts can find a wide arrange of well-equipped facilities and locations to practice or get acquired with activities such as sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, regattas, canoeing and much more.

Lake Garda develops between the provinces of Verona, Brescia and Trento giving life to various landscapes and climatic conditions: from the mountainous context of the north to the most southern Mediterranean. Good ventilation and the daily alternation of Winds and Peler contribute to making summer months pleasant and offer the possibility to practice with ease sailing and watersports.

The area of the Upper Garda is certainly one of the most famous for water sports lovers. Towns like Riva del Garda, Torbole and Malcesine, also offer an excellent quality of services. Also, on the shore of Brescia there are some of the more popular areas, such as Sirmione, which however do not have the same marked winds of the Trentino area. In the Veronese instead, areas like Malcesine and Brenzone are renowned for hosting windsurf enthusiasts.

Weather and wind forecast and conditions are easily accessible with the most popular apps and portals.

Within our facility is the school Stickl Sportcamp.


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Winsurf in upper Garda Lake is suitable both for beginners and experts. Riva del Garda and Torbole are ones of the most renown locations among the windsurf lovers. Here, Windsurf Schools and Rentals guarantee safe amusement. Moreover, these areas have been hosting international events from years that attract windsurfers from every part of Europe.

Malcesine is well-known to be the master of the ‘Peler’ wind. Thanks to the hard conditions in the morning and to favorable conditions in the afternoon, Malcesine keeps on being one of the most fascinating areas of Lake Garda.

In Navene, the Peler and Ora winds are suitable both for beginners and experts, according to the hours of the day.

Windsurf and Sailing are very practiced in Brenzone thanks to favorable winds there are in this area. This location is perfect to windsurfing as well as to those who want to practice these sports for the first time both in theory and in practice.

Torbole is the most wanted destination by windsurf lovers, not only due to the excellent wind conditions but also thanks to its internationally known Sailing Centre.

Are you rather keen on more adrenaline-filled sports such as freestyle and slalom? Our Lake will not disappoint you in this case either. Check out the activities in the surroundings of Malcesine, Brenzone, Assenza and Torbole.



Malcesine, Brenzone and Campione are the areas most noted to embark for an adventure with kitesurf!

Below some of our suggestions of beaches that will excite the sport lovers:

The strong point of Campagnola is certainly the space that allows kiters to easily move around and fully enjoy the day. It is also a safe space thanks to multiple points for landing in case of problems. Remember, however, that it is allowed to leave from here only in the presence of strong winds from the north, so as not to disturb the bathers present on the beach on calm days.

Navene proposes a beach built and equipped by the Kitesurfing Club Malcesine (therefore club membership is required). Here too, it is possible to arm more kites, but the launch must take place one person at a time. It is possible to land with downwind in the two bays below the area, then you will encounter a long stretch where the rocks end up over the lake. In case of emergency, a recovery service is available with a fee.

Assenza is the beach of “salvataggio” (savior) when the wind from the north is too strong. Here in fact, it tends to lose intensity and stabilize.

Service lift

The lift is a service that is very comfortable and required both for beginners and experts. Club Hotel Olivi has a special partnership with Sportcamp Stickl, located inside the hotel, which will be able to give you support through the support boats that you will follow during the evolutions and will take you back to the ground at the end of the exit.

Info: www.stickl.com


Stand Up Paddling, better known as SUP, has very far-away origins and in recent years has made a big comeback. It combines a surfboard and one paddles on foot.

The rapid diffusion of this sport is due to the quickness of learning: Sup is in fact a sport, easy, autonomous, rewarding … and a lot of fun. It is also possible to practice it all year round.

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